Features: Sealed Thermal Units

Sealed Glass Thermal Units

  • High efficiency double pane glass sealed units contain your choice of Low E or Low E² coating and Argon gas. These sealed units help retain the heat in your home during the cold winter months and reduce the heat penetrating your home during the hot summer months. Low E or Low E² coatings filter out the sun's damaging ultra violet rays, protecting your drapes, furniture, walls and floors from fading.
  • Upgraded ultra high efficiency triple pane glass sealed units with double Low E or Low E² coating and Argon gas are available
  • New Generation Super Spacer featuring a high performance polymer upper coating, inner organic foam and a primary and secondary sealant for the highest level of energy efficiency. These spacers improve the energy performance of a window by up to 30% and also keep the inside glass warmer where the glass meets the frame edge, which significantly reduces interior condensation at the lower portion of your windows in cold weather